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November 2017

rockski flyer webNaim & Sennheiser Event

On December 8th from 11.00 to 17.00, we invite you to our showroom at Via Maistra 33 in St. Moritz for a special sound demonstration. Naim and Sennheiser represents passionate music. You’re very welcome to dive with us into an unique world of voluminous and precise sound, provided by the new Naim range and the ultimate headphones of Sennheiser, the HE1 as well as the Clearaudio Innovation turntable.

If you're ready for some fun after the sound expirience, you're invented to join us at the ski track. The Corvatsch Snow Night is famous for its beauty - take a ride trough the enlightened Corvatsch ski track and enjoy some Aprés Ski with us.

For further information and registration, please click here.



October 2017

Nature Becomes Sound

Marble, an ancient material as rich in history as our mountains, is the true innovative element of Saxum Canorus.

The purity of marble is brought to life by the magic of music with Saxum Canorus, the loudspeaker that surpasses the current concept of HiFi audio reproduction. Anyone who has been waiting for an innovation and has a desire to stand out from the crowd, this loudspeaker combines incomparable acoustic performance with a refined and unmistakable style. Designed and produced by expert artisans, Saxum Canorus is a true bespoke Swiss product that not only pleases the eye but warrants a high audio quality.


saxum canorus logo



September 2017

Meet the Sound Vision House Team at the Monaco Yacht Show

28 – 30 September 2017

Sound Vision House is happy to welcome you and to exhibit our know-how in planning, designing and implementing innovative technologies for your yacht and residence. Come and see the perfect fusion of luxury interior and latest technologies. Appointments available.



September 2017

Latest LED Videowall technology by Sound Vision House AG

Now who said you have to travel to the sea, when you can have the ocean at home, play roulette interactively without going to the casino, set a cool room atmosphere looking at the Matterhorn while cruising in the Caribbean? Even finding Nemo at your bar? Yes, we can!




August 2017




LINN - just listen

As per August 1, 2017 Sound Vision House joins the Linn family.

Music makes life better, so the motto of Linn and indeed listing to Linn products is life enriched. 

The aim is simple. We want to bring you closer to the music you love, to feel every note, to experience your music with a clarity and power unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Linn’s philosophy is simple too. They don’t make anything unless it’s better than what’s available elsewhere. Linn has been awarded the Royal Warrant in 2002 and 2012 the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation.

Linn Lounge events with their award-winning record label are coming to St. Moritz and will be announced in due time.  

Book you own private demo session here and be inspired



Juli 2017

"Hatecke" opens a new shop at the Löwenplatz, Zürich

In Juli 2017, the family business «Bacharia Hatecke» from the Engadine opens its first shop in Zurich. At the Usteristr. 12, at the Löwenplatz, the "Barboucherie", which, with its high-quality, regionally typical meat products, brings a piece of Engadine culture to Zurich.

Sound Vision House, St. Moritz is proud to have been part of this project. SVH installed for Ludwig and David Hatecke and their customers a music system using the latest streaming technologies.



Juli 2017

We also support adrenalin sports

Navad-1000, a  mountain bike nonstop race over 1000 km from Romanshorn to Freddy Mercury to Montreux.

Pablo Breitschmid took up the challenge of the NAVAD-1000 2017. Navad-1000, a completely new format of a mountain bike endurance race in Switzerland does not need any need support cars, no mechanics, no crew members, no road-closures, no marshals and no signposts or parties. Every biker is completely on one’s own on the whole tour. It’s simple: If you cannot do it without external support, better not to enter....

No entry fee, no outside support, no prizemoney, no excuses, nonstop

Pablo Breitschmid crossed the finishing line and met Freddy Mercury having ridden 1,000 km, climbed 31’0000 meters in altitude in 9 days, 11 hours and 30 minutes. What a ride – what a challenge!

Congratulations Pablo to an outstanding performance and excellent achievement. 


IMG 4497



April 2017

What the press reports about us

Everyone will say only the best about themselves. This is why it is interesting to see whether one's own vision is shared by others. Read the report "Exquisite Sound in the Swiss Alps" from Naim Connection!



March 2017

Naim for Bentley Mu-so – Limited Edition!

A Sound Partnership.

The Mu-so Bentley Special Edition exclusively in our show room in St. Moritz.

With a striking new design, including delicately patterned aluminum skin and a knurled volume control reminiscent of classic Bentley styling, the new Naim for Bentley Mu-so and Mu-so Qb are packed with all the features any music lover could demand. Just like the original award-winning Mu-so wireless music systems they feature native TIDAL and Spotify, AirPlay, UPnPTM (high-res streaming) and Bluetooth aptX connections.

naim for bentley muso 3


The Naim for Bentley editions, Mu-so and Mu-so QB are unique and available only for a very short time in limited edtion at our shop in St. Moritz. 



February 2017

SoundVision House proudly presents: The Sennheiser HE 1 – A Unique Masterpiece!

When visionary ideas, trendsetting technology and perfect craftsmanship harmoniously merge, the result is something truly great.

sennheiser he1


The Sennheiser HE 1 does not simply reproduce music, it brings it alive, gives it breath and creates body and space for the artists and instruments. It is so authentic that you feel that you can walk around the artists and see the movements of the pianist's fingers and the singer's lips. The HE 1 reveals the dramaturgy of a composition, creates an endless cosmos of timbres and nuances – yet it does not interpret, it simply reflects the truth.

The Sennheiser HE 1 breaks all records, its measurements set new standards in the audio world. The frequency range extends over more than 14 octaves, the harmonic distortion is only 0.01% even at sound pressure of 100 dB, just to name a couple. 

Only numbers ? No, on the path to perfection, there is a reason for everything. The wider the dynamic range, the better the impulse fidelity and the resulting precision and purity of the reproduced sound. Non-linear distortion, i.e. deviations from the original signal, is virtually non-existent. The Sennheiser HE 1 adds nothing and leaves nothing out, it places itself completely at the service of the music.

Only one week, starting February 20, 2017 for the first time in Switzerland in St. Moritz for you to hear and to experience! Book your personal appointment here.



January 2017

New Naim Uniti Devices

The new Uniti family consists of three all-in-one players: the reference audiophile Uniti Nova, the multi-functional CD operating Uniti Star and the compact yet powerful Uniti Atom. The Uniti Core industry reference music server completes the range, allowing you to store and stream thousands of albums and back up all of your music in one place. With each player working independently (or together), simply add speakers to unleash your music in any room of the house.



December 2016

Merry Christmas!


merry christmas


As the holiday season arrives, we would like to take this opportunity to let you know that it's clients like you who make our business not only gratifying but very enjoyable!

Your continued trust, support and confidence is deeply appreciated. May your holidays be filled with joy, and your New Year abundant with health, happiness, and prosperity. Happy Holidays from the Sound Vision House Team. 



November 2016

Impressions of the Grand Opening

Thank you very much for visiting us!




September 2016

Grand Opening in St. Moritz - Save the Date

Sound Vision House proudly announces the Grand Opening of its new show room at Via Maistra 33, 7500 St. Moritz.

The Grand Opening will take place November 18th and 19th, 2016. Come and see the latest cutting edge technology, enjoy music, food, drink and good company.

See you in the pristine valley of the Engadin.

Your Sound Vision House Team

Markus, Peter & Prisca


St. Moritz


St. Moritz



September 2016

We also do Triathlon



Sound Vision House is proud finisher of the OLB Triahtlon, held in Heidesee, Holdorf, Germany.

We had a friendly competition versus the Oldenburger Yacht Interior & Friends and came in as 9th out of 15, respectively 33th out of 50.

We did suffer a tad but had lots of fun. A big thank you to the Oldenburger for the perfect organization, the food and drinks and the wonderful BBQ.

We will be back in 2017 – Watch out!

The SVH Team

Markus, Peter & Prisca




August 2016

New Management

Sound Vision House proudly announces its new Management. Please welcome Prisca Baeni who joins us per 1. September as Managing Partner. Prisca is responsible for the back office and marketing and also supports Markus Huber, Managing Partner & CEO. Peter Grossmann, responsible for engineering and project management, is as of 1. September also proud Managing Partner. We congratulate them both and are looking forward  to an exciting team play. 

Sound Vision64409sw 560



June 2016

Save the date

Meet us at the Monaco Yacht Show September 28 – October 1, 2016

Details to follow in due course.



March 2016

The new Mu-so Qb is available now

The first Naim Mu-so Qb has arrived in our Showhouse – and exceeded our expectations by far because of its design, dimensions and the ultimate sound experience. The intuitive remote control is easy to handle it also has additional connecting sockets which is a real plus when compared to the competitive products.  All in one, the Mu-so Qb is an outstanding tiny sound system – one of a kind -  which may be a wonderful addition to any existing sound system. 



January 2016

New Mu-so „Qb“

The Mu-so Qb was presented at the CES in Las Vegas. The wireless music system carries the DNA of the award-winning Mu-so as compact in its housing. Many exciting features and innovative signal processing, which has been optimized by our developers in England to the highest sound quality bear witness to extraordinary engineering. With AirPlay, Bluetooth / aptX®, Spotify Connect® , TIDAL , UPnP ™ ( for playing stored music files ) , web radio , a USB, analog and digital input and an app for iOS and Android provides the Mu-so Qb comprehensive connectivity. Presumably it will be available at Sound Vision House next spring. Stayed tuned for more information.




January 2016

Successful project completions

Because of the new offices in Pontresina – St. Moritz we have been awarded interesting, high-end projects.

At one residence  we were requested to update ten televisions to Loewe TV's incl. BluRay player, Apple TV and special IP TV boxes for the reception of Swedish programs. This new configuration required the replacement of the entire satellite systemand a new configuration of the home WiFi challenging the bandwidth issues as experienced in the valley of Engadin.

Another project included the redesign of  the graphic user interface on a Windows Panel: The control for lighting in an  indoor swimming pool, was minimized from eight to one page and also linked to an ipad. Thus, the user friendliness has been increased enormously.

In all three projects, we have achieved the targets as agreed to  the fullest satisfaction of the owner, owner’s representative and technicians in charge. It is our motivation to perform always at the highest level and to be the most innovative company in the Engadin valley. 



January 2016

Sound Vision House at the ISE in Amsterdam

Sound Vision House is keeping the highest standards by researching for the latest technologies and cutting edge innovations out of a brilliant array of technologies.

Meet us at the ISE in Amsterdam February 11th  and 12th, 2016 – we will be happy to help to discover the products matching your ideas just perfectly.  



December 2015

Merry Christmas

Sound Vision House wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We thank you for the nice cooperation and looking forward to upcoming projects in 2016.

Do not hesitate to contact us over the holydays, we are reachable on all days.

We just got our Christmas present: The new Bowers & Wilkins 804 D3 speakers. We would like to welcome you to enjoy the new hearing experience next year. 

With best wishes

Your Sound Vision House Team



October 2015

New product in our show house: Focal Stella Utopia EM

Since October the product “Focal Stella Utopia EM” is part of our show house exhibition. In combination with the NAIM products NDS / CD555PS – NAC552 / NAC552PS – NAP500 / NAP500PS we can take your music experience even further. No wonder, those two systems are amongst the best in the world. A visit to our show house is an absolute must.



September 2015

New affiliation in Pontresina

Sound Vision House moves closer to its customers in order to minimize both reaction time and to save its customers time and money. We are proud to announce the grand opening of our new office in Pontresina/GR. We look forward to serving our customers in the quaint Engadin valley. 



September 2015

Monaco Yacht Show 2015

The Monaco Yacht Show is the highlight in the yachting business. A mega event for not only super yacht owners but also for subcontractors of shipyards. Sound Vision House is again attending and kindly invites you to stop by.  Click here and make an appointment to see us in Monaco.  




August 2015

New Sofas

To enjoy the ultimate audio and video experience not only technical equipment is needed but one has to feel comfortable. Our new, classy, stylish sofas invite you to snuggle up and simply enjoy the movies. 



July 2015

3D Alarm Interface

We developed and created in cooperation with a designer a new interface application of the alarm system. In addition to the already existing versions – floor plan and room overview - we can now show your home in a 3 D visualized version.



2015 June

Soundvisionhouse is proud sponsor of the Retrock Openair

The 2nd Retrock Openair is taking place in Ruswil from 19 June until 21 June 2015 and ten different bands will be playing during this time. The promoter of the Retrock Openair is proud to present the band Haïrdrÿer – their album "Off to Haïradise" reached an astronomical height of 32’000 m, thus the highest album promoting in the world. Also, among others, the band Sickret is on stage having just recently returned from their tour in Cuba.

Visitors will also enjoy a great variety of drinks and food - Pizza from the wood stove, juicy steaks from the charcoal grill to name a few and of course the various famous and infamous special Retrock-Drinks.

Marco Galliker is, apart from his work at SVH, volunteer acting president as well as operational manager of the festival. Marco Portmann is responsible for the initial technical setup (installation/disassembly) as well as for the technical support during the live gigs.

The entire team of SVH is enthusiastic about live music acts and enjoys frequent visits to concerts of all genres. SVH is proud to support such happenings like Retrock Openair.




2015 April

May 2015

Conclusion of Refit II (Superyacht 70 m)

Following the successful conclusion of the first refit of the award winning private superyacht we were awarded a new contract for Refit II which was equally a success. New processors were installed in order to make the system faster and more reliable. SVH did not only design the new light schemes but also masterminded the LED lights and played a key role during this refit period, setting new standards by developing new gadgets for the installation of the LED’s. We are very proud to have concluded this project to the total satisfaction of the owner and his management.



2015 January

Private Residence in St. Moritz

We implemented a new home automation system including but not limiting to lighting, shades, heating, security and a multimedia system. All of these different systems are easily controlled by our iPad-App from home or on the road.



2014 December

Private Residence in Munich

SVH has been awarded to design, plan and to install a complete home automation system. This private architecturally impressive residence is nestled at the shore of the lake Starnberg. Automation systems will be installed for lighting and shading using Lutron and Crestron equipment to control the air condition/heating systems. Security equipment as well as media systems is also being implemented and built into the residence. The living- and dining rooms are equipped with a  multiroom system of NAIM including three different zones and a high end Hi-Fi equipment. Titus Bernhard Architekten from Munich is responsible for designing and building this beautiful bijou.



2014 November

Grand Opening

November 7 - 8, 2014 enjoy the Grand Opening of our brand-new “Sound Vision House” in Fahrwangen, AG Switzerland. Experience the latest technical highlights live and vibrant. All systems installed in our “Sound Vision House” are easily handled by our new App.  Sound Vision House is the first Swiss NAIM Dealer who has the privilege to present the latest NAIM product “Statement”, the flagship of NAIM. “Statement” in interaction with the uniquely made loudspeaker “Focal Grande Utopia”, a special design made of carbon, a highlight not to be missed.

During these two days all your senses will be pampered and tested. Come by and dive into this world and experience the easiness and highlights of an automated home.  

The Sound Vision House team, NAIM England as well as NAIM Switzerland will be your host during the Grand Opening.




2014 July

New member of the team

Sound Vision House activities have expanded quite rapidly, Peter Grossmann has joined our team as Senior System Engineer. Peter has various years of experience as a System Engineer as well as Project Management. Peter joined our team and will bring his creativity, ideas and experience into our projects and serve our customers to their satisfaction. 



2013 June

New brand JVC Pro

JVC Pro is a well renowned brand in the world of projectors. JVC Pro has the perfect projectors for simple presentations, utilizations in classrooms, concerts, cinemas, public viewing. You name it – JVC Pro has the hard ware.

Offcial JVC-Pro Homepage



2013 March

Cooperation with OS Maritime

Sound Vision House started a co-operation with OS Maritime, the German super yacht consultant in December 2012.

We have been invited to present our products to the maritime clientele during the opening ceremony of OS Maritime, March 15, 2013 in Bremen. Listening to music using an old fashion record player and stereophonic records brought back memories of the good old days.



2013 February

New member of the team

Due to the rapid growth of Sound Vision House a new employee has joined the team. Marco Galliker, will bring his vast knowledge and experience as a System Engineer into our team. He joined SVH as he sees a grand opportunity to work with various systems and solutions.



2013 January

Award winning Super Yacht made by Rossinavi

We have been awarded a contract to maintain and re-develop the entire audio, video and lightning system of this 70 m Super Yacht.



2012 September

New brand Control4

Control4 has products which can be easily programmed to integrated all commands  into existing gadgets such as iPad, which control your house automation system, touch panels etc. Control4 products are perfectly suitable if integration of various tools such as remote controls of TV, beamers, DVD players, amplifiers, screens is needed.

Official Control4 Homepage



2012 May

New member of the team

Within the first six months of the foundation of Sound Vision House business has developed so rapidly that the team had to be extended. Marco Portmann joined the team being responsible for customer service. Marco is a highly motivated employee and joined SVH, as a multimedia electrician, to learn and to experience more about all systems as offered by Sound Vision House. 



2012 April

New brand NAIM

NAIM is one of the leading manufacturers of high end audio products. Their broad range of products includes but not limits to pre-stage and power amplifiers, CD- and Stream Player, All-in-one-products, music server – all products are state-of-the art in unique designs. Many of those products are in our show room – an experience you will not forget and love. 

Official Naim Audio Homepage



2011 December

Sound Vision House Ltd. established

December 16, 2012, foundation of Sound Vision House AG